About Grace Community School



Grace Community School and Preschool offers your child a college preparatory curriculum based on standards higher than a traditional school.

We strive for excellence as we teach from a Christian Philosophy of Education.

Each child is unique and has special talents.

We realize that all children are not alike. They learn differently. Children are unique and may not prosper completely in a “cookie cutter style school”.

We want each child to be successful in learning and growing as a young person in all endeavors. We allow children to be creative and mature in a positive and caring environment.

GCS is student and family oriented. Parents are welcome to take an active role in the school.

We offer a strong academic program. Kindergarten students are learning phonics and are able to read by the end of the year. We also start cursive writing in kindergarten.

All grades offer a high quality curriculum based upon the basics of reading, writing, and math. The student books are quite colorful and remarkable.

Our teachers are loving, kind, passionate, and knowledgeable. Our teachers are licensed by the State of Ohio.

GCS is a Chartered Non-pubic School by the State of Ohio.

If you would like to tour our school, look at the textbooks, or observe the classroom, please call the school at 740-363-5800.